January 2012: Hugh Finlay’s Legacy — 5 Comments

  1. A very catchy wee reel, Sarah. I have been enjoying playing it on tenor guitar and octave mandolin since finding it via Nigel’s site at The Gathering>

  2. This was played last evening at the Canon’s Gait virtual session. I hadn’t heard it before. Great to discover it’s one of your Sarah. Looking forward to learning it, and playing it at next week’s Canon’s Gait session.

  3. Our dad Hugh Finlay, paid for all his three sons, Ian Alan, and Keith, to have fiddle and, in my case, piano lessons. We all gave up playing in our teens. After dad died Keith took up the fiddle again and later I took up the piano/ keyboards again. Keith is now a prominent fiddler in Warwickshire playing in the Ceilidh Band, Brimstone. I took up the mandolin and now play the organ in Church sometimes and the mandolin at sessions. Dad would have been so pleased that his boys are again musicians. Its what he would have always wanted. It truly is his legacy.

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