March 2012: Red Snapper

In honour of the forthcoming trip to Spain with folk from the Scots Music Group, this month’s tune is Red Snapper, which is in the style of a Spanish muneira (jig). There seem to be two different spellings of “muneira” (muneira/muinera) out there…does anyone know which is correct? Perhaps “muinera” has the “i” before the “n” to compensate for the lack of a “~” above the “n” on non-Spanish keyboards.

Anyway, enough of that, here’s the tune! Red Snapper


March 2012: Red Snapper — 1 Comment

  1. Another one to take to Spain for our trip – just for the informal sessions!
    I think the correct spelling is muñeira with one of those twirly things over the n.
    The -eira ending is common in both Portugal and Galicia

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